Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vidiians Added To Growing List Of Enemies

STARDATE 27924.0130

It is now believed that the Vidiians, once an enemy of the Voyager crew during their journey through the Delta Quadrant, may either be experimenting with this new potential dangerous weapon or forging an alliance with the Sutran for the same purpose. This information comes to us from SI.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Enemies Form Alliance & Develop New POWERFUL Weapon

Captain's Log - SUPPLEMENTAL

Since the above log entry last night, I have received (So far) UNCLASSIFIED & UNCONFIRMED information from Starfleet Intelligence that the Sutran MAY be more dangerous than first thought.

First, they tried manipulating the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise by infiltrating The Federation via supplantation of a synsian being inside the body of a Starfleet officer who, while assigned to the Enterprise, did something to wipe the memories of the crew clean & caused SERIOUS damage to the computer system of the Enterprise itself to drag The Federation into their war with The Lyssians. When that didn't work, they tried the supplantation of a synsian being again BUT THIS TIME, they didn't wipe anyone's memories clean or cause any damage to any computer systems.

That is because SI believes The Sutran may have developed a new weapon. One that could POTENTIALLY make them a BIGGER threat than THE BORG ever was.

It's believed to be on the concept of the combination of Temporal systems (Mainly sensors & transporters) & DNA.

How does it all work you ask? Well according to information from SI, it's all pretty simple.

When (What's thankfully now) the old Borg Collective (Existing only in insurgent remnants in pockets of Echo Quadrant & minus its leader) assimilated humanoid species, they completely stripped away any form of DNA. But The Sutran OTOH seem to have developed a weapon that's (Presumably) based on the thesis of Temporal sensors & transporters, only there's one slight difference.

The Sutran can either unwittingly copy the DNA of a humanoid species (Either from the species itself or anything it touches) WITHOUT the knowledge of said humanoid species OR they can COMPLETELY ABDUCT said humanoid species using a Temporal Transporter system of some kind WITHOUT DETECTION. How they do this is anybody's guess. (If anybody has any information on this, please feel free to chime in).

According to SI, it's also believed that the very same people who tried to kidnap the children of the crew of the Enterprise may have seemingly sold their cloning technology to The Sutran (Through however many hands is uncertain & unknown at this point. Any information here would also be appreciated). It's feared that The Sutran may have (And are capable of) doing one (If not ALL) of these things with this new weapon.

1) Cloning another humanoid species (Using the DNA sample unwittingly obtained from the DNA source)

2) Exhuming the body of a deceased hmanoid species via their Temporal Transporter system to serve as host (An admittedly much harder process, but still possible)

3) Surgically altering or replacing the DNA of a living person in some way after kidnapping via their Temporal Transporter system (The hardest process of all, but still possible).

Either way (And in short), ALL possibilities are being looked at & investigated by us & Starfleet. After the incident here on Deep Space 51 last night & receiving this report from SI, the Temporal Shields will be raised at variable frequencies & set to change frequency at random intervals by the time you see this. Admiral Hollenbeck has indicated to me that he will order the same be done at ALL outposts with Temporal systems. Unfortunately though, that will only cover LESS THAN 5 PERCENT of all of Starfleet's outposts. When you add in ships, it will add up to roughly LESS THAN 3 PERCENT of ALL of Starfleet.

In the meantime, we'll just have to wait & see just how serious this threat REALLY is & at what security threat The Sutran really pose in the long term. I personally hope we don't have another nemesis to deal with. As indicated earlier, we already have enough problems on our plate & people to be on the lookout for. We don't need any more. ::)

More developments as they come in.....

Deep Space 44 Renamed Plus A New Potential Enemy

Captain's Log - Stardate 27890.0033

Telaxia 4 Asteroid Belt Station has been officially renamed from Deep Space 44 to Deep Space 51 as Starfleet Medical & Starfleet Academy prepare to set up shop on the station.

In other news.....

* Lt. Ezra Dax has been reassigned by Starfleet from Deep Space 9 to Deep Space 51 since Dax is the host body of a symbiant trill. Shortly upon arrival, I fulfilled my need for a First Officer by promoting Dax to the rank of Commander.

* One of the reasons why Dax was reassigned to the station is because it is believed that the Telaxians may have found a way which would make it possible for Starfleet to safely transport a symbiant trill & its host using a standard transporter system. After much resistance & reluctance from both the Symbiant Society & Starfleet Medical, they agreed to go ahead with the project. Dax was reassigned by Starfleet to serve as the volunteer for the project.

Because of this project, my promotion of Dax to First Officer merely bought Starfleet time to find a suitable candidate should the project not be successful & Dax is lost, which isn't easy because ranking officers are hard to find.

* It appears as though the station (And perhaps all of Starfleet) may have yet another foe to battle. This time it is the Sutran. According to Starfleet records, they assigned a high-ranking officer to the U.S.S. Enterprise, who unbeknownst to Starfleet (And ultimately the Enterpise crew itself), was (Somehow) infiltrated by the Sutran, affecting his mental capacities. The Sutran was (And still is) in battle with the Lyssians, who are at least 100 years behind us in weapons & other defense technologies (And as such, are a threat to no one).

During my conversation with Admiral Harrison (Who - According to his service record - HAS BEEN DEAD FOR NEARLY A CENTURY), my Security Chief came into my office with an armed security detail (Acting on orders from Admirals Jensen & Hollenbeck) to detain Admiral Harrison (Or the imposter claiming to be Admiral Harrison) by putting him/it in the brig.

During a pause in my sub-space conversation with Admiral Jensen, Admiral Harrison became vehemtly defensive (It didn't take a telepath to see it either). I started questioning him & even pointed out that Admiral Jensen just levied some SERIOUS charges against Admiral Harrison. This made him defensive & nervous. In fact, it made him so defensive, he became angry & began to raise a sharp object I had laying loose on a stand in the office. After pulling my phaser & taking the object away from him, I ordered my Security Chief take Admiral Harrison (Or what MAY NOW BE THE IMPOSTER THEREOF) into custody with orders to KILL if there is resistance. CMO Dr. Langley subsequently ordered that, due to his/its potential mental instability, he/it be transferred to the maximum security penal colony on Telaxia 3 pending a hearing on where he/it will be sent from there.

BTW.....The topic of conversation between Admiral Harrison (Or the imposter thereof) was about the possible use of Temporal Weapons by the Lyssians for destructive purposes. The source of the weapons was (According to him/it) was believed to be from a series of outposts located in Echo Quadrant.


As he/it was being escorted out of my office, he/it vowed that this would not be the last time we would see the Sutran. He went on to say that the Sutran will declare war against the Federation. I replied by indicating to him/it that we already have a plethora of enemies, nuances & other foes from the remnants of the old Borg collective to The Ferengi to The Centari to The Dominion, so what's one more. I also told him/it that we've been waiting for a chance to test our battle readiness in a non-simulated environment so if he/it felt as though he and/or his people can bring it, go ahead & do so because WE WILL BE READY & WAITING.

In the meantime.....By the time you get this, I will have already contacted SI & will undoubtedly be awaiting a reply. Right now, there is no confirmation on the imposter's claims either way but the matter is nevertheless being investigated. I will post back here with any news on this as I get it.

Till then.....